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hetero_phobia's Journal

a rating community
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Hello and welcome to hetero_phobia. We are a !rating community! for
Lesbians, gays, and bisexuals.

~No hard feelings~
got it?

!But please. I do encourage everyone to apply!


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[members page]

[current points]

[current theme]


Current "weekly" Theme
I declair this week ..Writers Week..
I guess you can call it a new theme, but it will only last one week.
All this week (starting today, ending Sunday) you will share with us anything you have written.
Writings may include: Stories, poems, songs, essays, etc. Anything creative at all that you have written yourself. Remember that you can only post your own work.
As far as points go, you will receive 15 pts for each piece you post. You may post as many as you like, as long as you like, but please make sure to put long posts under a cut.

Apply within 2 days
Be 15+
Keep everything !friends only!
Don't complain or try to fight back
Type !!NEW!! in the lj-cut
No commenting anywhere else until you are accepted
Be Beautiful/smart/and intelligent
!No exceptions!


Stay active
Keep everything friends only
No useless drama please
Never stop promoting


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